Acoustic Sounds

Features: Amplifiers

For audiophiles on a limited budget the choices have never been more fantastic. Especially for the folks who want to find out what all the noise is about regarding vacuum tubes. A glut of affordable (some ridiculously so), vacuum-tube-based, integrated amps have recently appeared on the market. Most are from companies located in China, South Korea, and other parts of East Asia, but in the last several years, more and more of these glowing glass bottle beauties have been coming out of Poland.

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“Are you okay? Did something happen?” asked my audio pal, Colin.“I’m crestfallen. Life seems to have lost all meaning,” I reply. “I had to pack up and send back those Luminous power amps, and now I don’t feel like listening to music on my system.” But of course, one evening a few days later, I was spinning Mellow Waves by Cornelius using my Ampsandsound Zion Monos, and feeling it big time. The Zions, which had become chopped liver only a week prior, were back to... Read More