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March 8th, 2023

Pure Audio Project Trio 15 Coax10 Modular Open Baffle Loudspeaker


By: Ken Redmond

Speaker manufacturer PureAudioProject occupies a unique marketplace position. Instead of shipping fully assembled loudspeakers, it mostly sends its worldwide customers modular components for home assembly. The individual components are shipped directly to the customer from company warehouses in the US and Germany or directly from the manufacturers of individual parts. This business model offers the customer excellent value and the ability to customize the sound.While... Read More

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March 7th, 2023

Two Must See Seminars at Florida International Audio Expo 2023

Finally! cavitation explained clearly and concisely and the 7 targets of proper cartridge alignment

By: Michael Fremer

What exactly is "cavitation" as applied to record cleaning? None of the novelty videos on YouTube explain what it is and most of them make recommendations that clearly indicate the advocates have no idea what they are talking about!  In fact, many of the "cavitation" machines do not actually cavitate.

What are the 7 alignment targets necessary to hit in order to properly align a cartridge? And what are the benefits of proper alignment in addition to better sonic performance?

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March 6th, 2023

Starting a Jamaican Music Collection Part 2b―Rock Steady: The Groups

Delving into the best of Jamaican rock steady

By: Willie Luncheonette

In the "Starting a Jamaican Music Collection" series, in part 1 we covered ska and in part 2a rock steady, the singer. We now come to rock steady, the groups. To recapitulate, ska lasted roughly from 1960 to the later part of 1966. Rock steady then took over the island. The fast tempi and thundering horns of many ska songs gave way to rock steady's much slower beat. Playing a much more prominent role in the new genre were the bass and drums and along... Read More

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March 5th, 2023

Nathan Davis Live Recordings Re-pressed by Sam Records

The 3LP 'Live In Paris' is still available and highly desirable

By: Michael Fremer

This recently re-pressed set of Nathan Davis live in Paris recordings should help create a new following for this somewhat overlooked American multi-instrumentalist, composer, and educator who turned down a Blue Note contract and an offer to join Art Blakey's group, remaining in Paris during the turbulent 1960s.

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March 5th, 2023

Marquee Moon....Tom Verlaine and Television's "Not Punk Rock" Masterpiece

A Personal History Of Punk Rock

By: Joseph W. Washek

Tom Verlaine died on January 28, 2023. He was the guitarist, singer, songwriter for, and co-founder of the band Television. Their first album "Marque Moon", released in February 1977, is a masterpiece and, like all masterpieces, an expression of a unique talent and sensibility that fits in no category or genre. But the media and the streaming services insist that "Marquee Moon" is a "punk" album and Television was a "punk" band.... Read More

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March 3rd, 2023

Tune in Saturday, March 4th 3PM (EST) For "Reviewing Reviews"

with Michael Fremer and Ken Kessler, hosted by "Michael45rpm"

By: Tracking Angle

Michael Ludwigs who hosts the popular "michael45" YouTube channel will have as his guests tomorrow, Saturday March 4th, in a live YouTube stream editor Michael Fremer and esteemed veteran audio and music reviewer Ken Kessler. The discussion will revolve around music and audio reviewing, but mostly music. What is a music reviewer's job? What are his or her responsibilities to the reader/viewer? To the record label? To the artist? What... Read More

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March 3rd, 2023

Christian McBride's 2009 Collaborative Project Got a 2021 Limited Edition Double Vinyl Release

great sound and music

By: Michael Fremer

I got invited to a record launch party for Christian McBride's new album "Christian McBride's New Jawn Prime" held at Oswald Mills Audio's Brooklyn loft. "Conversations...." had been sitting unplayed for far too long so I figured I'd give it a spin to prep for the launch.McBride listening to his new album played back on the OMA K3 turntableI'm not sure if he'd ever heard any of his recordings reproduced on a system... Read More

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